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    Posted by: mayank Posted date: 11:08 / comment : 1

    So, when you come across blogger pages, then, you find out that blogger pages are static and you cannot show posts of a certain category in them. In this post, I tell you they way how to do so using label-separated posts. 

    So follow the steps closely or just watch my youtube video on it.

    1. Open Blogger<Posts and then give each post the label name as same as the category you want it to be in.

    2. Open/Refresh your blog and open a post and click the label name you added in the last step. This will open a link in your blog.

    3. Add 'Pages' gadget at the place of navigation menu.

    4. In the gadget, click on 'Add external link' and copy-paste the link you opened in step 2.

    5. Do the same for each category.

    Now whenever you add a post of that category, add the label name you had added in the previous post used for making categories. Let me tell you what actually does the link do. It just show the posts in your blog for the label you clicked on and we used that link as a page. If you find any problem doing so, let me know, I'll help!
    Also see my post for applying a  customtemplate in blogger, here's the link:

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